English: Writing

'You can make anything by writing.'

C.S. Lewis

The use of English in spoken and written form is the foundation of all learning. At The Oval School, we believe that literacy and communication are key life skills. Through a rich and varied English curriculum, we support pupils to develop the skills and knowledge that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively with the world at large. We know that a high-quality education in English, and embedding these skills across all subjects, will teach pupils to speak, read and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others.  

Pupils are taught to listen to others attentively with an increasing capacity to understand more complex information and ideas.  Staff model grammatically correct, standard English in order that pupils confidently and accurately use spoken language to support and extend their learning across the curriculum through a wide range of opportunities.  These include: retelling stories and poems; talk partners; drama and role play and class and school performances.   

School follows the Nelson handwriting scheme and pupils are encouraged to present their work to a high standard. Spelling in EYFS and KS1 is implemented through Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revisited. Key Stage 2 follows the ‘Read, Write, Inc’ spelling scheme. Relevant spelling displays are on working walls in all classrooms. Within the teaching sequence of spelling rules, the teacher supports learning by helping pupils understand the relationship between word meaning and spelling.   

The writing curriculum is based on high quality texts, relating to the year group topic, or other curriculum work in order to establish continuity for the child.  From Reception to Year Six, a clear sequence of writing lessons are planned which include regular assessment opportunities (Chance to Shine). These ensure that Writing lessons build on prior learning and further challenge the child to improve. Pupils firstly become familiar with the text and genre and become immersed in it through reading, discussion and drama/role play. Pupils are taught the sentence structures, vocabulary, punctuation, spelling and grammar objectives specific to the text type. Models are referred to as WAGOLLS (What A Good One Looks Like). These are displayed for children and used as editing tools to encourage independence.    

The audience and intended purpose for their writing ensures pupils are fully engaged in their writing task. Marking of all writing follows the Marking and Feedback Policy. Working on comments are set to consolidate and extend learning. Children have the opportunity to independently edit and self-correct their writing.   

As a result of our Writing curriculum, pupils at The Oval School are able to independently write in a range of genres using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling knowledge across all subjects.  They have an understanding of the importance of writing in the wider world beyond school and for future employment. 

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