Curriculum Statement

At The Oval School, we believe that great teaching in every classroom will improve the outcomes for our pupils. Our principles for great teaching are driven by evidence-based research. Great teachers develop a broad array of teaching strategies that are pupil-centered. This approach, combined with subject knowledge and knowledge of individual pupils, positively impacts learning outcomes. 

A prerequisite of this is the School’s clearly defined curriculum where content is well sequenced and provides a progressive framework for learning. This extends from EYFS, through KS1 and KS2 and prepares our pupils for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that when there is a robust curriculum with a clear rationale in place, combined with great teaching, this is when pupil progress and consequently attainment is likely to be at its best. Leaders and teachers develop a high level of pedagogical knowledge, essential for great teaching. Alongside this, a deep understanding of assessment practices develops and information extrapolated from these is used to inform provision.

Key Features of an Effective Curriculum:

For great teaching to be fully impactful, an effective curriculum, that is understood by all leaders, practitioners and pupils, needs to be in place.

The design of our curriculum includes:

  • purpose, key principles and values, agreed expectations, underpinning concepts, clearly defined content and an established logical sequence. These are regularly reviewed through a robust approach to monitoring and evaluation that ensures impact against intended outcomes.
  • a coherent and consistent rationale that underpins the whole curriculum and is in place across all schools.
  • a consistent assessment framework for each subject discipline which is used to evaluate the impact of the planned curriculum and inform further provision.
  • well-developed and planned cross curricular opportunities that are used for revisiting and embedding learning (interleaving/cross contextualisation).
  • individual subject discipline progression routes that outline the skills and knowledge pupils should secure at each stage of their development.

Our curriculum:

  • is led, implemented and accessed by leaders, teachers, support staff and pupils who have a secure knowledge and understanding of the curriculum design and its structure.
  • is language rich and enables the successful development of communication skills and understanding of vocabulary.
  • meets the aims, purpose and objectives outlined in the National Curriculum for each subject discipline.
  • is supported by a full programme of professional development, linked to clear expectations and aims. This underpins the implementation of the agreed curriculum.
  • content is inclusive and representative of our schools and wider communities.
  • supports the development of shared pedagogy for key aspects of the curriculum.

Key Features of an Effective Pedagogy:

Great teachers draw on a range of strategies to enhance and deliver content in the most effective way. Pedagogical approaches in each of our schools are designed to deliver the key features outlined below:

  • a secure knowledge of how children learn and retain knowledge and skills including cognitive and metacognitive strategies, motivational and emotional dispositions, learning processes, stages of child development and responsive teaching methodologies.
  • an understanding of instructional processes including teaching methods, lesson structures and classroom management techniques.
  • the precise use of assessment strategies, both diagnostic and evaluative.

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